18 March 2005

Yet more torture

Nicked directly from Busy, Busy, Busy

Shorter Professor Eugene Volokh:
Something the Iranian Government and I Agree on
Killing I like, but public torture followed by slow, agonizing death really gets me off.
Shorter Professor Glenn Reynolds:
Eugene Volokh
Shorter Max Boot:
When Tenure Jumps the Track
The tenured professoriate ranges from socialist to communist, and, Ward Churchill.
See Also: via Clayton Cramer's BLOG and Crooked Timber.

See Also II:

Bloody hell. I've linked approvingly to Volokh. He showed no signs of being a madman. Now he's turned into a rhinoceros?

Update: Yglasias makes some interesting comments about Mark A. R. Kleiman's interesting comments, notably centering around Kleiman's observation

It's a deeply sick fact about American politics that opposing the cruelty of our prisons and favoring measures to identify the innocent imprisoned are regarded as fringe-liberal positions. And it is noticeable how few advocates of capital punishment are also advocates of aggressive measures to free the innocent.


Update: Volokh recants but I'm not reassured.

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