21 March 2005

Volokh recants

A little bit ago I ranted and rant-quoted about a post by Eugene Volokh which advocated punishing particularly heinous crimes with death by torture, at the hands of victims and their families.

Volokh has changed his mind. Has he decided that a civilized people should recoil from torture, even when our anguish tempts us to reach for it? No, it's the paperwork.

attempts to impose the punishments would logjam the criminal justice system and the political system

So I suppose we should thank the merciful gods for red tape, then. Because the professor doesn't seem to find convincing the argument that torture is, y'know, evil.

Bitch, Ph.D. and Obsidian Wings have wise things to say. And Skelly at Arbitrary and Capricious illustrates the point, quotes judiciously, links profusely, and needs better web design.

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