20 July 2008

Maybe I should print up cards

Why have I received this card?

This card was given to you by an introvert. He gave it to you because he likes you, but is not feeling his best right now.

You might think that you should be trying to cheer him up, but since he is an introvert all of the friendly things you might try will only make him more tired and cranky. This is not because he does not like you. Really. In this state he doesn't want to talk to anybody. In fact the people he wants to avoid the most are the people he likes the most, since he doesn't want to be disagreeable toward them.

He is going to go into a cave now for a little while. This will make him happier and healthier. He recognizes that this sounds strange, but you're going to have to take his word for it. When he emerges, he will be very happy to see you.

Now go away.


Tamsin said...

This is magnificent. Would you mind if I borrowed this concept? Alternately, if you do print up cards, can I put in an order for few boxes?

d a r k c h i l d e said...

HA! Last week I was involved with a "gifted children" group that was going over the Jungian Intro/Xtro aspects to intelligence and the socio-emotive aspects they brush up against.

I'm an introvert with appropriate extrovert personas.

I *like* being alone. I *recharge* when I'm by myself...just thinking. And yes, I do get cranky when you won't let me get some privacy.

Then I got to thinking about the various mechanisms society has of pulling we intorverts out of our "shells".

I like the idea of respecting the introvert as a personality type and leaving us be at that.


Jonathan Korman said...

I was being facetious about printing up cards — not that it wouldn't be a good idea. So have at it, Misha: anything I publish here is an idea to be shared.

A while ago I had the intro-/extro- distinction explained to me as where you gain energy and where you spend it: introverts gain energy by being alone and then spend it when they are with others. Evidently most people, being extroverted, find this utterly astonishing.

Lydia said...

If you print any, I want some. And maybe to marry you someday also.

Veleda said...

I am an introvert by that definition though I live an incredibly extroverted life. This must be why I'm cranky!

I want cards too!

Anonymous said...

I WANT I WANT I WANT. Can't seem to find the 'add to shopping cart' button on your site. Am surrounded by crazy extroverts. Please send one box of cards asap.

Sharon Knight said...

HAHAH!!!! I SOO get this!