26 August 2022

Product management menagerie

Dean Peters has a smart and fun taxonomy of (bad) product management patterns with fun animal names, starting from familiar classics like HiPPO and the seagull.

  • HiPPO — Highest Paid Person’s Opinion
  • RHiNO — Really High-value, New Opportunity
  • ZEbRA — Zero Evidence, but Really Arrogant
  • WoLF — Works on Latest Fire
  • Seagull — Swoops in, makes noise, craps everywhere, leaves a mess
  • YAK — Yet Another KPI
  • CoBRA — Cognitive Bias-Related Assertions
  • PUMA — Promotes Unusually Meaningless Assumption
  • GOOSE — Guesstimating Overly Optimistic Scheduling Estimates
  • PUFFIN — Plans Unending Feature Factory INitiatives

08 August 2022


I wonder who really wants to experience a few hours of me talking with an old internet friend who has smart, strange radical politics I deeply disagree with. But if you do? Here it is:

You can find my precipitating essay what, if not liberal democracy? right here on this here blog. I never really got an answer out of Varn to its questions; the discussion meandered. I did have fun, though.