27 June 2013

IRS non-scandal

Salon has a little summary of how the IRS “scandal” is nonsense ginned up by the VRWC.

The IRS affair is now frozen in public opinion amber, with millions of Americans believing not just that the IRS unfairly targeted conservative groups, but also that the White House may have actually directed the targeting. That’s just how Issa would like it.

But it now sort of looks like the IRS was just doing its job.

Just keeping this handy here.


Chas said...

What is worse, the Inspector General for Tax Administration is ginning it up. See p. 3 in particular.

Chas said...

Whoops, it looked like your comments did not take the hyperlink. One more try...

It's the letter from the inspector general to Rep. Sander Levin, dated June 26. You could look it up.