06 March 2012

Due process

Kevin Underhill at Lowering the Bar tries to joke about the Executive Branch claiming the right to assassinate US citizens.

In case you missed it, the Attorney General of the United States spent a little time yesterday discussing the circumstances under which the President could order your death without having a trial or even having charged you with any crime.

I just wrote that sentence myself, and I still keep re-reading it, thinking “that can't be true.”

He manages to get some witticisms in, actually. But. Not funny.

In addition to cracking wise, he has some smart analysis on the Forbes site.

Time to break out my “the horror” tag again. Brr.


Anonymous said...

Obama signed it into law, and then swore not to use the detention provision of the NDAA. Instead he just kills people. I think thats fair. Indefinite imprisonment is such a drag.

Anyway, since he promised to never use the provision, we clearly need him for four more years.

Jonathan Korman said...

“Hand me the gun. I promise not to hit you over the head with it.”

Chevaliermalfait said...

heh, at least they are talking about it in public.
The executive branch has been whacking people all along.
At least they are being somewhat transparent about it, lol.

David Wiegleb said...

Just think. No matter how bad it gets, the alternatives in November are (always) even worse.

Unknown said...

You would think this breach of the Bill of Rights would be enough to get people protesting in the streets. But they just seem to accept it. WTF?!