05 October 2011

Goodbye Steve

Steve Jobs
Titan of industry

Look at his face at 4:00:

He's not smiling for the applause. He's smiling because he got it done.

The loss of him would have been news if had he only created the personal computer industry. Or if he had only committed to turning the Xerox Star into the Macintosh, “the first computer good enough to be worth criticizing.” Or if he had only founded the first major computer animation film studio. Or if he had only rescued Apple from the brink of disintegration. Or if he had only led the Macintosh renaissance of OS X and the iMac et cetera. Or had only rescued the music industry from their own stupidity. Or had only captained the creation of either the iPhone or the iPad.

Having done all of those is hard to conceive, even knowing it to have happened. A life well lived.

Let's memorialize him by making it unexceptional that a corporation should make beautiful products that empower people and bring them joy, shall we?

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