05 November 2010


Michael Been
Singer and songwriter

I just discovered that Michael Been, songwriter for The Call, died a few months back. I'm saddened, and selfishly disappointed that this means he won't be gifting me with any more songs.

I am by no stretch of the imagination a Christian — though I'm syncreticist enough to refer to תפארת, अनाहत, Buddha Compassion, or Christ Love as occasion demands — but that surely isn't Mr Been's fault. Just as Johnny Cash sang about the severe American Christ the Judge so that even if you didn't believe in Him you could see how it felt if you did, Been sang about a universal Christ of Glory and Mystery. And like Cash, he didn't do it so it was a chore, taking your medicine — The Call was a rock ’n’ roll band, and they rocked.

I'm badly outvoted on how the cosmos works. If they're right and I'm wrong, I expect that Been is now standing at God's right hand now and singing His praises. And someday Peter will ask me in life, did you accept Jesus Christ into your heart? If that does happen, I think I might be able to get away with answering Peter that no, I did not ... except during the time I spent listening to Micheal Been sing.

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Glen said...

This death is news to me, too. I second your commentary, though. Been's music with the Call is everything that Christian music should be and so very rarely is.