22 February 2007

Celebrity trash

I usually avoid this sort of thing, but somehow these pictures got under my skin. It's actually heartbreaking, if you stop to think.

Parents, do not turn your child into a singing, dancing performing monkey. Because if you do, when she grows up she will go insane.


Reya Mellicker said...

People go crazy all the time, even if they weren't trained to be performing monkeys. The sad thing is that Britney can't have her little meltdown in private.

Oh yeah - there is no such thing as privacy anymore! I forgot.

d a r k c h i l d e said...

I feel sorry for her.

She's got a problem and doesn't seem to have the support machine around her to duck her quietly into a facility that can really respect her privacy.

True...the wacky weekend prior sent the pho-togs a'scampering. But still...she's not the first, nor the last who has been in the spotlight and ended up doing something rash and/or humiliating. Personally...I like the shaved head!

Anyways...I personally found the best way to have people leave you alone is to have a breakdown...duck away...they lose interest in a few months and then change your name in probate and go live another life! Simple! :)

No, I feel for her, even though her 'artistic endevors' are not my cup of tea. She was 'appreciated' for her 'talents' and has been able to pursue it professionally, she found fame and fortune, and has grown up in the spotlight. Growing up comes with some bad decision making. It's realy no big deal...

People just like watching the "golden" fall too much... I don't. I, like Lucifer, know what that fall feels like on the inside, rather than what it looks like to you on the outside.

Hope she makes it through and gets her life back. For her...for her family. Fuck the fans.

Then she can belong to the elite fraternity of Those-that-have-Returned-from-the-Maw-of-the-Abyss. It really is quite an exculsive club with excellent company! :)

May all beings be free from suffering...May all beings know peace.


Jonathan Korman said...

Just so.

I contrast her with Madonna, who very deliberately chose to live in a fishbowl, her whole life a public performance. She thrives on it; she's living out her dharma.

Britney, on the other hand, had this thing chosen for her. She's lived with it her whole life, she's evidently not too bright, and so I suspect that it simply doesn't occur to her that she could retreat from it all.

It really is a tragedy, and my heart goes out to her.