30 July 2006

Not really motivational posters

Okay, this is a particularly geeky post, worse even than Ambush Bug, but I know that I have readers who will enjoy it.

Via MKB's linkblog, I learn of a collection of jokes for gamers in the the form of motivational posters. Most of them aren't terribly good, and precious few of them really make sense as “motivational” posters (or even as de-motivational posters).

Still, they got under my skin. The medium turns out to be kind of interesting. A motivational poster has just three elements: image, title, and subtitle. Within this very tight space, you have to create a juxtaposition that is more than the sum of its very limited parts. A peculiar sort of rhythm emerges, as with other miniature formats like haiku or four-panel newspaper cartoons.

More importantly, though, I happened to see this when I was in just the right state for some very lazy entertainment, so for your convenience I can offer you links to my favourites. A few of them are even funny for folks who aren't geek gamers.

But my favourites of all, I think, were the surprisingly witty posters for the old D&D alignments.

lawful good neutral good chaotic good
lawful neutral true neutral chaotic neutral (!)
lawful evil neutral evil chaotic evil

Oh, and one more for everyone: Snakes on a Plane!


Anonymous said...

This is my favorite so far.


Lydia said...

My favourite is the one with the ranger sitting on a rock:
RANGER -- I don't know why I use these weapons, either.

d a r k c h i l d e said...

Some of those were very, very nice. Of course I'm partial to anything refering to the Elder Gods, Cthulhu, demons or devils but that's just my black-hearted self. Thanks for sharing.