15 December 2005


San Francisco poet Daphne Gottleib — whose work I recommend all around — knocks one out of the park.

to prove that I was someone

   (December 12, 2005)

Dare I take  
My tattoo
the master-slave connection  
  my tattoo
a step further  
  is a rebel flag,
to point out  
  a rebel flag
to point out  
  roughly 3"x5"
that many people  
  on my lower back
many people  
  Having known people
of all races and ethnicities  
  that had enlisted in the military
have allowed themselves  
  enlisted in the military
to be  
  with tattoos
modern-day slaves  
  with tattoos
  such as swastikas, iron crosses, etc.
Indeed, a person does not have to  
  etc.  I though it wouldn't
be black  
  cause a problem.
to exhibit a slave mentality.  
  Apparently though, it has.
Unwittingly, too many of us —  
  The Army, the Air Force, and the Marines
and it does not matter whether we are black  
  the army
  the air force
  and the marines
or white  
  have told me
or white  
  that any tattoo to
perpetuate “the Master's will”  
  considered racist or sexist
through our own self-hatred  
  will keep you from enlisting in the military
and destructive behavior.  
  Is this some new policy since 9/11?
For those individuals who are in denial,  
  Is there anything I can do?
for those individuals who are in denial,  
  I am 17 and have
here are some recognizable signs of  
  a future ahead of me
self perpetuation of slave behavior:  
  I have come from
be it  
  the bottom of society
in prison  
  and worked my entire life
in prison  
  to prove that I was someone
  to prove that I was someone
in society  
  who was capable of status
in society  
  other than white trash.
  Somebody please help me out.

All text in left column by Stanley “Tookie” Williams, “My Letter to Incarcerated Youth No. 2”. Tookie Williams was executed by the State of California on December 13, 2005.

All text in right column by a writer identified as “dingo the CGP” on the Legal Issues forum of Stormfront White Nationalist Community at http://www.stormfront.org/forum/showthread.php?t=121583 posted on March 13, 2004, found after a search on Tookie’s execution offered a link to the Stormfront page.

Daphne Gottlieb, December 12, 2005. This poem was finished at midnight.

Ms. Gottleib says “it is absolutely fine to point to this piece or redistribute as long as ‘authorship’ is credited to me and no money is garnered from its reproduction.”

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