27 June 2004


I have a strange weakness for military humour. Strange because of my total lack of a temperament congruent with military service. Here's a droll example from Uppity Negro.

Seabees: We need concrete.
Marines: You're not in our budget. Talk to the Navy.

Seabees: We need concrete.
Navy: If it's for a Corps project, talk to them.

Seabees: Do you guys have any concrete?
Air Force base guard: Yeah. Why?
Seabees: Merely engaging in conversation, fellow soldier! Say, isn't that Saddam Hussein over there?
Air Force base guard: What? Where? (runs off)
Seabees: All too easy. Hey, they got generators!

Mind you, this did sometimes lead to awkward situations.

Marines: Wow, you guys do good work. But how do you always end up with more material at the end of a project than when you started?
Seabees: ... the little baby Jesus.

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