04 January 2014

A note about Israel

If you cannot clearly identify and distinguish the differences between all of these things …

  • Zionism as a historical movement
  • Zionism as a contemporary political position
  • the state of Israel as a geopolitical entity
  • the process by which the state of Israel was founded
  • the state of Israel's right to exist
  • the history of Israel's policies
  • Israel's current policies
  • Jewish ethnic identity
  • Jewish religious identity
  • Jewish racialized identity
  • the religion of Judaism
  • 1967
  • 1948
  • The Balfour Declaration
… then your opinion about Israel is not informed enough to be relevant.


Rhett Aultman said...

I can barely do all those things to a level I consider "mastery," which is why I spend a lot of time with shifting opinions and try to listen more than I talk where Israel is concerned.

Lev Lafayette said...

And... "Zionism as an extremely diverse range of opinions including statist and cultural orientations".