25 August 2012

Blog format redesign

So I've done a major refresh of the design of this blog, which I've been meaning to do for ages. The old design was built using the original Blogger templating feature, which was phased out in favor of a more sophisticated system, but I hesitated to make the switch for years because I had done so much tinkering with the template. But I really want to take better advantage of post labels, and to not have to edit the template every time I want to tweak my blogroll, and this will facilitate that.

The whole thing is frustrating: there are a lot of things about the Blogger templates that I don't like — though I've managed to hack a few things into working properly — so if I were a proper designer I would cook up something that does exactly what I want. But I'm impatient, and I have a big corpus of stuff already published here that I don't want to port over ....

At least I got it to set text width in ems, not pixels.

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