23 August 2012

Don't go to the Tenderloin

The Tenderloin neighborhood in San Francisco is an exceptionally skeevy slum that often catches travelers by surprise, because it lies just a few blocks from the posh Union Square district. When I lived downtown, I routinely stopped tourists who were about to blunder into the neighborhood and turned them around.

For the convenience of a friend, I've created a little map showing Where Not To Go. The areas marked in yellow are often scruffy but not scary, though I'd recommend staying out of them at night. The areas marked in red are places to avoid, period.

I have also created a much bigger version of the map.


Soli said...

I've actually been in the Tenderloin and I am not local. But in my defense, I was out with a friend who was local and we had a set destination in mind. Had some delicious Indian and Pakistani food that night!

Erik said...

I've worked next to the 'Loin for seven years now, and I'd like to suggest that your map needs some trimming and clarification. The region between Polk and Larkin and between Golden Gate and O'Farrell is scuzzy but not unsafe during the day; it encompasses the Little Saigon shopping district (with great pho places like Pho 2000 and Red Crawfish) and the superb Brenda's French Soul Food (chicory coffee, watermelon juice, and beignets).

For our next group-lunch, I'm going to propose an outing directly to this part of the 'Loin. If you still feel the same way after, your lunch is on me.

OTOH, yeah, I once saw shirtless old dude chase a shirtless young dude down the street with a piece of rebar near Turk and Taylor. Never leave the bus.

Jonathan Korman said...

Erik, those are good suggestions; I'm a little imprinted on how the neighborhoods were a while back. You're right that Little Saigon only qualifies as yellow, at worst, these days. I'll do an update.