22 October 2008

Peak Wingnut?

John Cole at Balloon Juice suggests that the era of right-wing nonsense may be on its way out, and that we might already have passed Peak Wingnut.
These days, there seem to be more than enough outlets to rebut the bullshit, the media is tired of being treated like morons, and the Democrats seem for once ready and itching for a fight. But most of all, the attempts just seem so feeble.
Nothing like two wars, an economic meltdown, and Sarah Palin to bring clarity to the debate.
But he updates his post quickly.
Never mind, via the comments, I see I spoke too soon.
wingnut is a renewable resource. Peak Wingnut was the shortest lived “theory” ever.
Indeed, he goes on to guess that the right wing will only get battier in the years to come.
Wingnuttery, online, at home and in paranoid little gatherings, is about to get almost unimaginably worse. Bloggers know better than to say it in so many words, but as a community defending crap like Katrina, Rumsfeld, Harriet Miers and Alberto Gonzales has left the online right depressed, let down and exhausted.
The stupid that will come after their party leaves town on a rail will make the last eight years look like a junior UN meeting.

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