08 June 2008


Film director Guillermo Del Toro, of Pan's Labyrinth and Hellboy fame, has joined HETFET, Humans for the Ethical Treatment of Faires, Elves, and Trolls.. In a press release, he says:
HETFET methods may seem extreme— but their raids to medical labs have libertated more pixies and Tooth Fairies than decades of negotiations with the Food and Cosmetics industries. Troll skins fetch extraodrdinary prices in the Eastern European black market and this money finances illegal Troll Farms and many sordid activities perpetrated on the Fairy Folk. On the other hand, every time HETFET manages to have a fundraiser, their tally comes up to a pittance. Their only resort is activism. We must not rest until the last Troll can feel the moss of the Old Country under its webbed feet, in freedom, in acceptance and in peace.
If I was given to wearing t-shirts, I'd go for a Stop Tooth Fairy Cruelty or a Support Troll Markets t-shirt.

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Kate said...

I wonder how many of these you will get for your birthday? Don't think I didn't consider it! :)