14 June 2007


I have a stack of YouTube clips to restore your faith in popular culture.

First, there's Stevie Wonder doing “Superstition” live on Sesame Street. I recommend pausing it while it loads fully so that the audio and video don't skip while you watch it; I swear, he has a halo there for a minute.

Second, there's a guy named Paul Potts bringing down the house on some talent show TV thing called Britain's Got Talent, singing a beautiful, unexpected song.

Third, Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova perform their songs “When Your Mind's Made Up” and “Falling Slowly.” (Hat tip to Yezida on this one; she has some other music picks as well.) And if you want some more of that, check out their gem of a film Once, which is out now.

You may want to have a handkerchief handy; this is stuff that will get the better of you. Really.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I was holding back the tears by the end of the Paul Potts piece. What an amazing and unexpected moment of perfect beauty. Thank you so much for sharing.