18 September 2006

Geeks saving the universe

Lance Mannion has a commentary on Stars Trek, Wars, and -gate so good that he makes me want to watch Stargate SG-1, which I would have thought impossible.
the other thing I like about SG-1 is that it was made by adults who aren't just remembering what it was like to be 8 years old and love Star Trek. It's made by adults who are remembering also what it was like to be 12 and to start seeing plot holes and logic failures in what used to be your favorite sci-fi movies and TV shows.
Mannion's commentary meanders, so he manages to tie together some observations about geeky TV characters, George Lucas' egomania, and Cagney and Lacey such that it all makes sense.

Really. Cagney and Lacey. It's one of the best parts, actually.

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Ray said...

Nay time fer SG-1 y' bilge rat. Battlestar Galactica 2.5 comes ou' on DVD today....