07 July 2006

Mercury in retrograde

I don't believe in astrology, but astrology believes in me. My phone battery just went dead for two days, during which time I accumulated a dozen messages.

Mercury went retrograde in Leo on Independence Day.

I'm gonna pay some attention to astrologer Rob Tillet, who I keep at the bottom of my blogroll as “Mercury watch.”

Mercury retro in Leo gives confusion regarding high ideals and aspirations. People tend to be outspoken or quick-tempered, and their kind-hearted impulses can be misplaced, due to getting the facts wrong. Leaders and those in high places are subject to delusion and error, especially as nebulous Neptune is in opposition and lordly Jupiter is square. They tend to appear haughty, proud and passionate. Individuals find dramatic ways to communicate and are quick to refute ideas that disagree with their own. A love of children and a fondness for pleasure should not be allowed to get out of hand. Love affairs can be fickle and inconstant, due to egotistical presumptions. Avoid gambling and those who display a low and sensual nature. Attend immediately to back and chest pains.

When Mercury moves back to Cancer on July 11, the need to revisit emotional commitments will become more present. Family issues are likely to arise and you may need to review decisions regarding your residence and any career moves you have in mind ....

But that's not the end of it. Mercury doesn't go direct until the 29th, and won't return to station until August 12th.

Hang on.


Indri said...

My cell phone no longer works in my apartment; yesterday it spit up four messages it had "saved" for me from the weekend, including one to meet a friend in Seattle Sunday that I didn't get until Tuesday.

And I am ruefully remembering that I just reminded you a couple of weeks ago that Mercury was going retrograde soon. I should have written it in my own calendar... my plan right now is to only blog photos and no actual thoughts about my life for another week.

Hecate said...

It was retrograde Mercury that led me to believe in astrology. I hate it.

Varla said...

Dammit. Great link. I am personally so angry with my cell phone I'm ready to pay the $200 to get out of the contract.

Mercury is scary. I'm heading for the bunker...