30 December 2005


Wil Wheaton does his part for responsible political dialogue in America.
For the next forty minutes, we talked about the differences between Democrats and Republicans, conservatives and liberals, Clinton and Bush. We did it respectfully, quietly, honestly, and openly. It was about as far removed from talk radio as you can get, and the man I was talking with was not the man I portrayed in my essay. When I left, I felt closer to my dad than I have in years, despite all our political differences.
(Yeah, that Wil Wheaton.)


Anonymous said...

Wow! I read the whole thing and it was amazing. I would only hope that such dialogues between ideologically opposed parents and adult children could take place.

That wouldn't be us but then rarely are we together long enough to have such a discussion. Perhaps..some day...if I ever get to retire.



(Thank you for referencing WW in your post.)

Jonathan Korman said...

Oh, yeah. I have a lot of friends who are envious when I tell them I have lefty parents!