01 February 2004


It turns out that Wil Wheaton, the actor who played geeky kid Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation, actually is a geeky kid. Well, he's about 30 now, so perhaps not really a ''kid'' any more, but yet another geeky young man with an intermittantly charming weblog.

Hey, you in the back row, don't give me that. I am not nearly so geeky as Mr. Wheaton, my weblog is much more interesting, and I get about a billionth as much traffic to my site here. Cool and exclusive, that's me.

My point is, the man actually has a good sense of humor about being a famous actor in a way that entirely fails to impress girls, in a way that indeed connects him to a character vigorously hated by other guys just like him. So I very much enjoyed his bittersweet post about the quiet death of Wesley Crusher.

I'd heard the rumors online. Of course, I tend to not put a whole lot of stock in what I read online ... if I did I'd be overwhelmed with the sheer amount of hot teen bitches who want to get naked for me right now, and I'd be rolling in Nigerian money.

But it made sense, and I couldn't fight what I knew in my heart to be true.

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