12 June 2005

I remember the '90s

You know, I hate it when movie trailers talk about some historical film being set in "a more innocent time." But then I was just reading an old interview between R U Sirius and Kathy Acker and I can't help but think those cursed words. I mean, we're talking about Kathy Acker here, the holy terror of hip perverted '90s literature. "Innocent" should not be the word that comes to mind.

But at the time of the interview --- it looks to be the early or mid-'90s --- it's before her cancer, and she's all golly-gee about doing this crazy radical thing of getting a piercing, and they're bantering about pop culture, saying stuff like this ...

KA: Michael Jackson is out there.

RUS: Did you see his press conference? It was like the appearance of the Joker in Batman. I mean, the guy comes out to declare his innocence of so-called acts of perversion in this wild makeup and lipstick! The top entertainer in the world ...

KA: Talk about cyber-identity! It isn't like an older man having sex with a young boy -- it's like a Martian having sex with a human.

RUS: I admire Michael Jackson for his utter freakishness.

KA: Oh man, talk about body manipulation. He'll never come clean about it. I mean, does he get off on all of this? Does he get high from every bit of surgery?

RUS: He's really going after being a proto-post-human of some sort. It's the first real-life Cronenberg horror movie.

... which is somehow queasy and innocent at the same time.

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