08 January 2005

Bad apples

Speaking of torture, it seems that the President's signature is on an executive order authorizing ... not the torture at Abu Graib, but some pretty unwholesome interrogation techniques. From the FBI memo found by the ACLU under the Freedom of Information Act:
An executive order signed by President Bush authorized the following interrogation techniques among others: sleep "management," use of MWDs (military working dogs), "stress positions" such as half squats, "environmental manipulation" such as the use of loud music, sensory deprivation through the use of hoods, etc.
For those who would say that this stuff isn't "real torture," I will grant that indeed, this is not stuff in the "excruciating pain" category. This is stuff in the "drive you bonkers" or "scare you silly" categories. Considering that none of it actually aids in the art of omlette preparation, why is the president ordering it?

Via Corrente


Anonymous said...

He does it because he can and get away with it. And isn't that horrific?


Lynn said...

Any new parent will attest that "sleep management" is torture.