04 January 2005

Advice and consent

Regular readers may recall that I'm horrified by the Bush Administration's pick of Alberto "Torture Memo" Gonzales as the new Attorney General. He's about to come up for confirmation in the Senate.

Now the delightful and demi-famous T. Thorn Coyle tells us that there's a movement afoot to encourage congresspeople to block his nomination.

Here's what I wrote to my Senators:

On Wednesday, confirmation hearings will begin in the Senate for Alberto Gonzales, the President's choice for Attorney General.

Frankly, I'm a little embarassed that lefties like me have leaned so heavily on politicizing the confirmation process in the past couple of decades. On balance, I fear that this trend has weakened the country more than it has strengthened it. So I hesitate to suggest an attempt to block Gonzales' nomination.

But I do suggest it ... even demand it: do whatever you can to block his nomination.

I am sure that you are aware that his main claim to fame is the "Torture Memo" he authored at the White House Counsel's Office. Torture is both counterproductive and evil, Senator, and I am horrified that our current administration not only has had a hand in it, but is promoting its advocates to positions of authority --- to be, in fact, our chief law enforcement officer.

So much of government is a matter of dry and debatable policy, conflicting interests with equally reasonable claims, partisanship, and hairsplitting over differing values. This is a time when clear moral principle is at stake. I hope that you will take this opportunity to stand up for what is right.

Go find yours and give 'em a piece of your mind.

Update: You may want to get on the MoveOn petition as well.


Anonymous said...

Hey, did you realize you commented on your own LJ post, and not mine? Just amused, is all...

- yezida

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Anonymous said...

Since I finally am represented in Congress with my move to Virginia, I had already written both senators and my congressman. Thank you for putting it out there for others though.