12 December 2004

Architect X!

Architect X, defender of truth, justice, and good interaction design

You know I try to resist blog memes, but who can resist a superhero identity? Pharyngula started it, but I found out through Majikthise, who has been collecting bloggers' superhero identities.

Personally, I like Majikthise's own super identity, as well as The Flamer and Mad Eye Julie, but it's spreading like wildfire so check out Majikthise's collection for yourself.

You can make your own using HeroMachine, one of the most seductive procrastination tools on the web.


Indri said...

Hey, you're right, that one's not bad. It's still a shame that the Machine doesn't have our kind of hair, though. Guess I need to go back and make a new one; the last one got all mucked up with animals and weird socks and things.

Anonymous said...

Nice abs. - yezida

Jonathan Korman said...

That's right: when danger threatens, my hair straightens, my hands go sparky, and I develop a 6-pack.