26 June 2004

What's in this can?

So I recently encountered this very strange Japanese product. It's a little can with a pull-top in a cardboard box. The can has a photograph of famous Japanese movie monster Gamera, “friend to children everywhere.”

The Western mind may never know what this can contains, since my colleagues and I dreaded to open the pull-top, fearing what we might unleash. But there is this important clue:

It looks like nutrition information to me. Which suggests that in Japan you can actually buy Gamera meat!

Update: It's true! Waterbones has already discovered a website which reports that this mystery substance is actual meat of Gamera. Shades of Warren Ellis' story in Planetary #2, “Zero.”

Takara will be releasing a set of twelve different canned “Gamera” meats — One for each kaiju: Gamera'99, Gamera'96, Gamera'95, Irys, Legion, Super-Gyaos, Barugon, Gyaos, Guiron, Viras, Jiger & Zigra. Eat Gamera-meat and you will “become strong like Gamera!!”

A hearty recommendation. I want to be strong like Gamera!

I offer you the Mystery Science Theater 3000 “Gamera Song”:

Gamera! Gamera!
Gamera is really neat.
Gamera is filled with meat.
We've been eating Gamera!

1 comment:

David Wiegleb said...

"Gamera is really neat. He is filled with turtle meat. We all love you Gamera!"

Mystery Science Theatre 3000 does the Gamera theme. Be sure to stay for the Michael Feinstein performance of the theme.