24 April 2004

Nothing is ephemeral any more

Let's say that you and some friends have a little ritual of getting together for pizza every week. Let's say you email around a little reminder to your friends each time. You have a sense of wit and whimsy, so you write a different little silly something for each email.
Hello! and welcome to PizzaFone!

If you know the name of the pizza you want to order, press Onnne.
If you know the location of the restaurant you want to eat at, press Twooo.
If you know the time you want to have lunch, press Threee.
If you want to select from a list of current pizza offerings, press Fooouuuur.


Current pizza showings in your area include:

Round Table Pizza Buffet
Showing at the Burbank Round Table Pizza Parlor.
With remaining showtimes at 12:15, 12:15, and 12:15 and a matinee showing at 12:15.
After a year, you've created web content to share with the world!

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