17 March 2011

The Homosexual Agenda

You've heard of the “homosexual agenda,” right?

On this week's episode of Glee, we got a proper kiss between two gay characters. Broadcast television has been giving us gay characters for a while, now, but while they talk a good game, they are uncannily chaste when they're actually on stage. So this was no small thing, and occasioned a little visitation from the shade of Vito Russo when I saw it.

But gay characters kissing on television isn't the homosexual agenda. This is:

The agenda isn't to celebrate a liberating breakthrough in gay representation in media. (Bless the makers of Glee, they resisted the temptation to telegraph that they were planning to make history.) The agenda is this: Those kids are just happy that two characters who were Meant For Each Other have finally had their kiss.

Inconceivable when I was their age.

OK, there's lots left to do to make a just and loving world. But seeing that makes me feel, at least for a moment, like we really can get it all done.

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denelian said...

i don't watch TV. but for the first time in a loooooooong time, i wish i did - i'd have been cheering as loud as any of those kids [and i'm 34, a straight cis-gendered woman in a wheelchair]

that was a happy-making moment :) thank you for posting it! first i heard of it, actually...