27 November 2006

Bullet points

Fans of the Gettysburg PowerPoint Presentation will enjoy Qwantz' claim that he has “totally just invented the best format for music EVER.” He demonstrates with the Ghostbusters theme song, the Back to the Future theme song, and this one:

Regarding Istanbul:
  • Istanbul:
    • not Constantinople
    • a Turkish delight on a moonlit night
  • Every girl in Istanbul:
    • lives in Istanbul
    • does not live in Constantinople
  • Old New York:
    • once New Amsterdam
    • unsure why it was changed -> popular?
  • Constantinople:
    • long time gone
    • got the works

Other folks have pitched in with their own examples of the form. There's 35 pages of them, of varying cleverness. I started picking out ones that I liked, to link (including a charming “song” that's really my favourite poem) but ran short of patience well before I ran short of examples. Here's one:

Contents of desert (initial)
  • Plants
  • Birds
  • Rocks
  • Things
  • Sand
  • Hills
  • Rings
Observations - Day 1:
  • Fly (w/ buzz)
  • Sky (w/o clouds)
Name of Horse:
  • (unknown)
Advantages of desert:
  • Out of rain
  • Can remember name
  • No pain
Observations - Day 2:
  • Skin discolouration (red)
Observations - Day 3:
  • Riverbed (dry) (dead?)
Observations - Day 9:
  • Reached border desert/sea
  • Released horse
  • Presence of
    • Plants
    • Birds
    • Rocks
    • Things
    • Sand
    • Hills
    • Rings confirmed
  • Correlation of desert/sea noted (subterranean population of latter)
  • Cities contain:
    • Heart of ground
    • No love

One contribution of mine is a familiar folk-rock song:

  • Done this morning
    • Walked out
    • Wrote this song
  • Seen
    • Fire
    • Rain
    • Sunny days
    • Lonely times (no friend found)
  • Predicted (incorrectly)
    • No end to sunny days
    • See you (Suzanne) again
  • Walking
    • Destination: an easy time
    • Approach: back turned towards the sun
  • Informed me re: your departure
  • Made plans
  • Put an end to you
Message to Jesus
  • Requests
    • Look down upon me
    • Help me make a stand
    • See me through another day
  • About me
    • Body = aching
    • Time = at hand
    • Unable to make it any other way
  • Already known
    • When the cold wind blows, it'll turn your head around
Things (misc)
  • Time
    • Quantity: Hours
    • Where: Telephone line
    • Purpose: Discuss future
  • In pieces on the ground
    • Sweet dreams
    • Flying machines
  • Coming my way
    • Quantity: A few
    • When: This time around

Another's an old show tune.

Not my baby's style
  • Liz Taylor
  • Lana Turner's smile (he can't see it)
My baby doesn't care for
  • shows
  • clothes
  • cars
  • races
  • high-tone places
  • who knows it
My baby cares for
says his prayers for
  • me

My last is more obscure, a Fluke song you've likely heard, but may not have even known had lyrics.

Baby's got:
  • an atom bomb
    • Motherfuckin'
    • 22 megatonne
    • shit-kickin'
  • poison gas
  • a heart attack
  • pain on tap
  • a satellite
  • second sight
  • a master plan (foolproof)
  • purple hair
  • a secret lair (with army)
  • nobel prize (awarded for the perfect crime)
  • an alibi
  • eight more lives
  • a crystal ball
  • a fleet at sea
  • a submarine (called Emergency)
  • a motorcade
  • a monorail
    • going coast to coast
    • on the campaign trail
  • a kung fu star (as a bodyguard)
  • (working well)
    • a juju charm
    • a magic spell
    • a djinni
  • a TV show
  • a shopping mall
  • a miracle (unwanted)
  • a monument
  • (at great expense)
    • a head of state
    • a president
  • destiny
  • supremacy
  • everything from A to Z
  • it all, down tight
  • nothing wrong
  • the whole wide world singing Baby's song
Other things about Baby
  • doesn't care (at all)
  • having too much fun
    • playing deck of cards
    • in an armoured car
I ain't ever seen
  • so much fun
  • Baby scared
Requested of Baby:
  • give me some of that

Update: Hey Hey Hey Hey Now Now Now Now Now


Anonymous said...

sweet dreams is great. and horse with no name. it's all good

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making me laugh out loud.