23 January 2006

Tree of Life diagram

I know that I have a number of qabalist readers, so it occurred to me that y'all might like to use some new Tree of Life diagram images that I ginned up recently for my own nefarious qabalah doings.

Tree of Life

Tree of life diagram

Tree of Life

Sephiroth only

The path of the Lightning Flash on the Tree of Life

Tree of Life diagram

Complex view of the Tree of Life in qabalah

Tree of Life sephiroth as shapes

Tree of life with the lightning flash


TheWayOfTheGun said...

There is something very pleasant and calming about the geometric simplicity of these.

I must confess that my mind got ahead of my reading and I thought for a moment you were going to present new, hipper, more au currant Trees for 2006. Needless to say, I found the idea disturbing.

Jonathan Korman said...

Ah! That's quite a compliment, as I made these because I had been having trouble finding an image of the Tree on the web that was as crisp as I liked. So it seems that I've achieved my objective.

Anonymous said...

The blank one will be very handy to print out and use to for studying. Thank you.

Sam Lam said...

Very, very sexy.

Anonymous said...

i love the geometric ones!!! thank you!

antes said...

Wow! I decided to look for a blank tree on the net and did I hit the jackpot! Many blessings on you for the gift you have given here.


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for the terrific Tree of Life templates! Just what I need for sharing basic Kabbalah! Sophia

choppi said...

Thank you !
- choppi

Anonymous said...

Thank you, just what I needed this morning for our Coven studies.
Lakmi, Coven d'avalon, France

Tim Johnson said...

Brilliant work!

Frater Porphyrogenitos said...

Magnificent! Thank you :)