15 October 2004

I'm not kidding

So it seems that I missed the pleasure of Jon Stewart appearing on the political debate show Crossfire. I guess he's been going the next level meta lately. Atrios caught the broadcast and used it as a springboard to summon up a juicy Tucker Carlson quote and point out Paul Begala's gormlessness, then went on to make a cutting distinction about The Daily Show.
Begala and Carlson seem under the impression that the Daily Show is a satirical take on politics and politicians.
But it isn't, quite. Digby understands.
They seem to be unaware that The Daily Show is a parody of the news and that its mission is to make fun of them ...

Stewart and the whole Daily Show gang deserve Pulizer Prizes, I swear.

I've got the clip, and quotes

Update: Erik, below, points to the clip on IFILM. It's also available from lovely Lisa Rein. Check it out; it's amazing. You can also get a full transcript, but you have to see Stewart's serious tone for yourself.

Here's a big chunk of the discussion:

JON: I made a special effort to come on this show today, because I have privately, amongst my friends, and also in occasional newspapers, and television shows, mentioned this show as being ... ah ... bad.

AUDIENCE: [laughter]

PAUL: Not that we've noticed.

JON: And, and I wanted to --- I felt that that wasn't fair, and I should come here and tell you that I don't --- it's not so much that it's bad as it's hurting America.

AUDIENCE: [laughter]

JON: So I wanted to come here today ... and say ...

TUCKER: ... but in it's defense, let me, hold on, wait wait ...

JON: ... here's just what I wanted to tell you guys.


JON: Stop.

AUDIENCE: [laughter]

JON: Stop, stop, stop. Stop hurting America. And come work for us. Because we, as the people ...

TUCKER: How do you pay?

JON: ... the people. Not well.

TUCKER: Better than CNN, I'm sure.

JON: But, you can sleep at night. See, the thing is, we need your help. Right now, you're helping the politicians, and the corporations, and we're left out there to mow our lawns.

PAUL: How can that be? You just said we're too rough on them when they make mistakes.

JON: No no no. You're not too rough on them. You're part of their strategies. You're partisan --- um, whaddaya call it --- hacks.


JON: My point is this: if your idea of confronting me is that I don't ask hard-hitting enough news questions, we're in trouble.

TUCKER: We're not here to confront you. We're here to love you.

JON: I'm not. I'm here to confront you, because we need help, from the media, and they're hurting us.


JON: Now this is theatre. I mean, it's obvious. [To Tucker:] How old are you?

TUCKER: Thirty-five.

JON: And you wear a bow tie.

AUDIENCE: [laughter]

TUCKER: ... yeah, I do ...

JON: ... so this is, this is theatre ...

TUCKER: I know, I know. Now come on, come on ...

JON: ... and listen, I'm not suggesting you're not a smart guy, because those are not easy to tie. But the thing is, that this: you're doing theatre, when you should be doing debate, which would be great.

PAUL: We do do debate.

TUCKER: Yeah, that's just not true.

JON: It's not honest. What you do is not honest. What you do is partisan hackery. And I'll tell you why I know it.

TUCKER: You had John Kerry on your show, and you sniff his throne, and you're accusing us of partisan hackery?

JON: Absolutely.

TUCKER: You've got to be kidding, man!

JON: You're on CNN. My --- the show that leads in to me is puppets making crank phone calls. What is wrong with you?


TUCKER: Wait, I thought you were going to be funny. Come on, be funny.

JON: [Wan smile.] Naww. No, I'm not going to be your monkey.

AUDIENCE: [laughter]

JON: I watch your show every day, and it kills me.

TUCKER: I can tell you love it.

JON: It's so --- oh, it's so painful to watch. You know: because we need what you do. This is such a great opportunity you have here to actually get politicians off of their marketing and strategy ...

TUCKER: ... is this really Jon Stewart? Who is this anyway?

JON: ... it's someone who watches your show and cannot take it any more. I just can't.

Another update: Stewart talks about it on The Daily Show

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Erik said...

Miss no more (thanks to iFilm)And may I just say, it's just as scrumptious as it's described.