13 July 2004


The lovely Waterbones points out a terrific Lego diorama of a Greenpeace protest. Not to be outdone, I offer you Bible stories, mobius strips and other mathematical forms, Escher's Relativity and Ascending and Descending, a globe, and a strange museum of horrors.

But most amazing of all is a dark, brilliant Lego sculpture by a Polish artist. I won't tell you what it is: you'll recognize it immediately. There are more pictures in the series, reminding us that everything in our world is reproduced in pixelated form in Legoland.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget these remarkable examples of the Lego builder's art:

A church, with seating for 1372 minifigs.

And various models inspired The Big Apple, including a street scene that was done for the cover of New York magazine.

- JD