19 March 2004

Patrick Farley

Some time ago I posted links to two stories, one of which was Patrick Farley's web graphic novel The Guy I Almost Was.

Farley's site Electric Sheep is full of terrific web comics. Let me encourage you to check out my favorites.

Overheard at the rave

A gem. In about thirty panels, we get life, family, meloncholy, humor, the Boom-X generation gap, two vivid characters, why raves are good when they're good. Plus it addresses an intractable subject (which I will not name, to keep from spoiling the story) and artfully shows why that is good when it's good, too. Plus it takes perfect advantage of the web comic medium, using the brief pauses as each page downloads to control the rhythm of the piece. Plus the last three panels make me laugh out loud, chuckle, and then catch my breath, in turn, every time I read them. Take ten minutes and read it right now.

Apocamon: The Final Judgement

A manga-style retelling of the Book of Revealations, which is as witty, irreverant, and lusciously drawn as you would hope. There's some clever use of bits of Flash animation, some good close reading of the Biblical text, and a wink toward Jack Chick, but what makes this piece a marvel is the way it makes the Pokemon anime style work so naturally with the material.

The Jain's Death

A charming, patient, beautiful story about the quest for enlightenment. And with a zinger ending!

The Guy I Almost Was

To plug it again: This ambitious little novel is smart and funny. It was very personally affecting for me: it's a guy I almost was, too. It takes time to read, but it's worth it.

There are several more stories on his site. I personally don't favor the more visually experimental ones, but your mileage may vary. They're all worth a look.

And if you enjoy his work half as much as I do, please give Mr. Farley some money. He deserves it.

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