20 June 2014

Bicycle intersections

Even if you don't care about urban design, you may want to check out this gorgeously presented solution for intersections which support both cars and bicycles.

Protected Intersections For Bicyclists from Nick Falbo on Vimeo.

Though now it has me wondering about car/bicycle roundabouts, as I am a fan of roundabouts as an alternative to intersections with lights or stop signs. (Update: An experiment in the UK.)

And I want systems of cunning bollards and low barriers to help partition the space, as in Rio de Janeiro.

More at ProtectedIntersection.com.

Update: This video got picked up in a collection of sexy bicycle-oriented urban design ideas at io9.


Jim Baross said...

This desifn appeals most to folks who do not use or have forgotten - never knew - that roads are not only fir people in cars. To get people to beore likely to bike, walk, or use transit we could stop providing the best convenience to motoring - stop assigning bicycling to the lessor, albeit "Comfortable," sidepaths.

Jim Baross said...

trying again...
This design appeals most to people who have forgotten or never knew that roads are not just for people in cars! To get more people more likely to choose biking, provide better facilities for bicycling than for motoring - sidepaths for cars not for biking.

LoboLance said...

I like this a a lot. More and more when I bike commute, I find myself working to get *ahead* of cars, especially at intersections where I am squished in the right lane next to a car, which may want to go forward, and may want to right (turn signals being rare). I appreciate that this design includes that.
It's been good seeing more bike aware plans posted around lately. Locally, a few streets now have bike lanes painted inside parking areas. About two streets out of 10,000. A start, even if not addressing the awful intersections.