21 March 2013

Ken Wilbur

Mark Manson writing at Postmasculine gives us The Rise And Fall of Ken Wilber, a frustrated critique of Wilber's thought and the Integral movement he spawned.

Although flawed, Wilber’s integral perspective continues to be an inspiration in my life. I do believe he will be written about decades or centuries from now, and will be seen as one of the most brilliant minds of our generation. But as with most brilliant thinkers, his influence and ideas will be carried on by others in ways which he did not anticipate or plan.

Wilber’s story is a cautionary tale. His intellectual understanding was immense, as much as I’ve ever come across in a single person. He also tapped into some of the farthest reaches of consciousness, spiritual or not, that humans have self-reported. I do believe that. But ultimately, he was done in by his pride, his need for control and, well, ironically his ego.

Jordan Gruber has a similar piece, “Beyond My Ken?”, which includes a link to a link index of criticism.

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