01 February 2013

Honoring all gods

Aliyah bat Stam, “a kabalist, Jewish educator, ceremonial magician and Torah Observant Jewitch”, writing at Patheos talks about why it's a bad idea to devote too much energy to running down the religions you don't practice in The Road from Hate to Understanding:

At some point, you need to stop leaving a religion, or you’ll be stuck there forever. If you talk about a deity every day, even in the negative, then they are an important part of your life. If you talk about the deity more than their followers do, then, in a strange way, you are closer to them than their followers.

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Anonymous said...

As an ardent Subgenius; someone who believes in the transformative power of repenting, quitting your job, and slacking off; and someone who employs Short Duration Personal Saviors frequently, I actually think one should never stop leaving a religion. Leave your religion every day, but be quick about it, so you have time to start and adhere to a new religion in time to leave it tomorrow.

Leaving the same religion over and over again is a job, and jobs are for...quitting.