12 December 2012

The internet has always been this way

It appears that the most awesome thing on the entire Internet was created before it was even really the Internet. In 1976, the ARPANET people set up an online chat between the puppeteer Jim Henson, the artist Yoko Ono, the painter Sidney Nolan, and ... wait for it ... famous psychopath novelist Ayn Rand.

Apparently this is a real thing that really happened.

The resemblance to conversations you may have had yesterday on Facebook is not coïncidental.

I think Ms. Rand and my character Oscar the Grouch would have a lot to talk about actually. I am laughing out loud at this idea.

Why would I want to talk to him. What has he achieved or trying to achieve.

He has achieved what I think is the ultimate goal of your way of thinking.

This may be true, but it's not factual, mind you.

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