02 August 2012


In a sequel to a similar silly post, I offer this joke at the expense of the folks at ScaledAgileFramework.com, who may be very smart and capable people for all I know. (Though they obviously could use some help with making clear infographics.)

I myself actually have mixed feelings about the Agile software movement — there's a lot to like, but also a lot I'm skeptical about — but I was struck by a tweet by Kerry Buckley looking at that process map.

Oh, Agile. What happened?

Personally I'd ask if this doesn't mean that the dream of Agile making software development simple (though not easy) through the application of a few key principles wasn't doomed from the start.

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John Galvin said...

Try running a large product development organization with multiple releases, products, components in an agile manner and you will end up with something very similar to this framework. What's most important is to keep the underlying values in mind while delivering what the business needs. Agile at scale is very hard but very worthwhile if you do it right.