27 July 2012

Diversity of tactics

Facebook event discussion:

Yeah, that's the problem right there.

Update: More from Eric Throw Molotov:

Let's be clear about something here.

Every time the POLICE MURDER SOMEONE and there is a call to action, you have a certain group of people that have their own agenda and are not interested in anything but preserving the existing social order be it the police state or the everyday normal function of capitalism. Watch out for these people:

  1. Peace Police: nu-protester/stranger who uses violence against anyone in order to maintain the safety of the police, banks, corporations and the mass media.
  2. Conspiracy Theorists: nu-protester/stranger who assumes anyone challenging the system outside of the law is not a revolutionary but somehow an agent of the state. Just because you don't believe in the American Dream. Just because you don't believe in government. Just because you hate the capitalist system. Just because you won't follow governments rule and refuse to obey the American way of doing things. These people really need to WAKE THE FUCK UP put down the Alex Jones garbage and pick up the ------"St. Paul Principles". Seriously. Wake the fuck up!
  3. Aggressive Pacifists: people who are quick to shutdown their emotions against cops and direct their emotions at those who use direction action and condemn anyone who does not do the same when ever some fucked up shit like this happens where cops kill and you know the outcome will be a slap on the wrist unless there is backlash on the street.

    (I have a question? ) What brings you nu-people out here thinking you can control other people and snitch and turn people in? It looks to me like you are on a mission to defend the interests of the police by scaring anyone who dare to rise up and then when the police get off the hook, you subtly walk back into the shadows and we never hear from you again until the illusion of peace is broken by the sound of a gun sending a bullet into someones head or back and more rounds of projectiles for anyone who dare questions that sort of conduct. NO ASSHOLE, THE REAL QUESTION IS WHO THE FUCK DO YOU WORK FOR? You're the one shouting down at people who are angry at the police instead of shouting at the police WHO ARE THE REAL FUCKING TARGET!
  4. Standard Pacifists: these type don't really bother anyone from the radical community but don't really help either. They are the least of your worries.

This is the world that we are being forced to live in and it sucks so bad I wish I could wish it away somehow but it is always going to be here so long as we allow it to exist. I feel the same frustration as all of you out there in Anaheim and all those who truly believe there is no way to co-exist with the state because it is the enemy no doubt about that anymore. It does not work to keep you safe. The police are not your friends. Anyone protecting them right now is either a snitch or a careless idiot.

Good luck to everyone else out there tonight. Times are rough and their only going to get worse and the police grow more hostile everyday knowing this system can't sustain it self any longer. FUCK COPS! FUCK THE SYSTEM! FUCK THE USA!

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