08 June 2012

Wish list

Want to buy me a present? Of course you do.

The ideal gift for me is cufflinks or a big scarf or a colorful pocket square; fun, decadent, modestly expensive, and something I will surely use and enjoy.

I also really need a nice pair of slippers. I've accumulated several cheap and unsatisfactory solutions to the problem, and need to really solve it.

Failing that, I love fancy office supplies; Moleskines and eccentric stencils and Leuchtturm1917 dot grid notebooks and almost all of those overpriced things in the Levenger catalogue appeal to me.

If you're feeling extravagant, there are three multivolume books I lust for: the unabridged McSweeny's edition of William Vollman's Rising Up & Rising Down, an unabridged edition of the Burton translation of The Thousand Nights and a Night, or the 11th edition of the Encyclopaedia Brittanica.

Or chocolate. Hard to go wrong with chocolate.

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