21 July 2011

The Secret Origin of Captain America

An extra thought (after my earlier Captain America post) in honor of the Captain America movie: John Seavey's wonderful speculation that Steve Rogers, in being a “premature anti-fascist” must have been a red diaper baby.

  • Steven Attewell at Lawyers, Guns, and Money elaborates, directly calling shenanigans on Mark Millar's misreading of Steve Rogers
  • More from Attewell
  • And Brian Cronin offers Ed Brubaker's response to Mark Millar
  • Infamous Brad observes that this explains why Steve Rogers and Tony Stark do not get along.
  • Lance Mannion says something similar looking at Age of Ultron
  • “Moviebob” Chipman admires movie Cap standing up for what's right
  • Delicious fanfic on this subject from Idiopathic about Steve Rodgers, PR disaster and reflections on the theme from Tumblr
  • Marvel writer Kurt Busiek's tweet storm about Cap as a New Deal liberal

(And while we are here, I also have a moving little reflection from theumbrellaseller about why Stark and Banner are Science Bros.)

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