09 November 2009


I need help with zombie research.

Not the monster, the cocktail.

A few months back Mr Martin Cate, world famous bartender, initiated me into the mystery of creating the legendary Zombie cocktail from its original, secret Don the Beachcomber recipe. As this drink turns out to be unspeakably delicious, I have been labouring to secure all of the rare ingredients involved, and at last have the final variety of rum required to complete my kit.

But many questions remain. Which falernum is best? What about grenadine? Are homemade versions of these ingredients superior? There are dozens of subtle variations of the recipe which need to be tested. And lacking the fortitude to survive drinking and comparing dozens of zombies myself, I am recruiting assistance.

Mr John Gill has volunteered an apartment which includes a Tiki bar (really!), but I need your help to taste and rate the zombie variations.

Please, I implore you to help me in this vital project. This Friday, in beautiful San Francisco.

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