30 September 2009


Shorter Petition for Roman Polanski

Everyone knows film festivals ought to be lawless temporary autonomous zones, because if a guy can get get arrested at one for raping a child and then skipping bail to avoid prosecution for it, that's obviously a slippery slope leading toward very bad things like unfriendliness between Americans and the French.

If you love film, don't look at the list of signatories, as it will only depress you. (Speaking of which: Tilda? You signed this f%&#ing thing? You are no longer my Imaginary Girlfriend.)

“Shorter” invented at D-Squared Digest and brought to fullness at Busy Busy Busy.


Thorn said...


Thorn said...

(and that was *before* I looked at the signatories list!!!!)

Rhett Aultman said...

Really? Terry Gilliam?

I don't get this. I honestly don't get it. Switzerland has an extradition agreement with America and has for over a decade (in force date of 1997, I think), so this should be a simple and basic process-- he enters their borders and his passport check shows he's wanted in the US, so they try him to check his legal status and then send him home. Isn't that how this works?

I'm also wholly unaware of why a cultural event such as a film festival has a tradition of being seen as a place of legal safe harbor. I mean...it's my understanding that the Olympics, which at least has a cultural tradition of "transcending national disagreement," doesn't have this, either, so what the hell?

I would imagine that people like Terry Gilliam are bright, so I wonder if maybe they know something I don't.

Because, to me, this seems like basic international criminal law.

Nina Alter said...

...and, this 'lil rape survivor's $.02. Shame on all the Polanski sympathizers, and anyone who distinguishes "rape-rape" from "rape-ish."