04 June 2009

Today's quote

Barack Obama:
We have a joke around the White House. We’re just going to keep on telling the truth until it stops working ...
There are times when I wish he stuck to it better, but it is comforting that the President recognizes the principle.


Kate said...

Okay .......... what did I miss that he lied about?

Jonathan Korman said...

Obama doesn't lie much, but he does soft-pedal many uncomfortable truths.

He hasn't talked about the benefits of single payer health care. He hasn't said that the architects of the Iraq war are criminals. He hasn't talked about the real scale of changes necessary to deal with global warming. He didn't call Dr Tiller's assassination “terrorism.”

And he does tell one lie repeatedly. “Clean coal” my eye.

He's told a lot of truth right out of the gate. I am impressed. But I'm not kidding myself.

Kate said...

Fair enough.........Lies by omission are just as deadly and the "clean coal" crap unarguably is dreadful! He has a full plate but I too was sorely disappointed that he did not label Tiller's murder "terrorism."