11 June 2009

Smoking room

From a fascinating description of accomodations aboard the Hindenberg.
Perhaps most surprising, aboard a hydrogen airship, there was also a smoking room. The smoking room was kept at higher than ambient pressure, so that no leaking hydrogen could enter the room, and the smoking room and its associated bar were separated from the rest of the ship by a double-door airlock. One electric lighter was provided, as no open flames were allowed aboard the ship.
Nicotine addiction is a powerful force.


Shataina said...

Your links inevitably thrill me. One of the better roleplaying sessions I ever had was as a vampire aboard the Hindenburg.

Max said...

Yeah, but what a wonderful way to cross the ocean... 2-1/2 days of watching the clouds and waves, eating in an elegant dining room, and sipping cognac while puffing on a Havana cigar.

Hmmm... 2 days on the airship Hindenburg, or being yelled at for lining up for the bathroom after a 9 hour flight on USAir.

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