14 June 2009

Moore's Law

I remember reading that the old Palm III had a processor and memory equivalent to the original Macintosh SE, and here I was using all that computing power to keep track of my phone numbers and calendar. At 512x342 pixels the SE's grayscale display was better than the Palm's 160x160 grayscale display ... but not that much better.

Now consider this: Engadget tells me that the newly-announced iPhone GS S has a 600MHz CPU and 256MB of RAM ... with a 480x320 display.

I ran early versions Adobe Photoshop on less powerful hardware than that.


Anonymous said...

The power of shared commitment is a heck of a thing. It'll be interesting to see how things pan out in a few years, though. There are some serious road blocks to continuing feature miniaturization as we've thought of it.

d a r k c h i l d e said...

Recently, I've been traveling with just my phone as my connection to do various work and post. Most things work just fine. I hardly miss my computer. In just a *little* while...it's be so convenient, I'll be able to work from anywhere and I'll stop telling people where I'm at. :)