06 May 2009

Geekout moment

Maybe I shouldn't post something so geeky the same week when I'm going to see Star Trek, but I've had this one burning a hole in my pocket for a while.

Wil Wheaton offers us this surprisingly charming photograph (yes, photograph):

Frikkin Hoth

... and then links to a discussion about it. I was charmed by this little exchange:

This is what action figures were intended for. Somewhere some guy is crying that these aren't in the original package. Fuck em. This is awesome and it makes me want to get out my old WWII models and reenact some tank battles.

My Millennium Falcon, smashed to bits after a failed launch from the garage roof. My Han Solo - Frozen in a dixie cup of carbonite so many times he died of stress fractures.

No survivors, they went out like toys were intended too.

1 comment:

d a r k c h i l d e said...

Awesome...I'll have to try a similar setup with my Clive Barker "Tortured Souls" figures...