27 April 2009


Jim MacDonald at Making Light has smart things to say about the flu.
What with headlines reading “U.S. prepares for possible swine flu epidemic as global cases rise” and “Swine Flu Confirmed in New York Students,” it’s time to talk about the disease a little more.

We’ve addressed flu before:

Why is “How To Wash Your Hands” a flu post? Because hand washing is the #1 public health measure you can take.

I especially commend to readers' attention the link about the Flu Pre-Pack.


Kate said...

I commend to you this very well done blog posting on the subject: http://washingtoncube.blogspot.com/

Jonathan Korman said...

For future reference: that post on Washington Cube.

Kate said...

She is unique, J. You should really take my name of your list and put hers on!