22 October 2008

Say Hebbo to Tarvuism

I've just discovered Tarvuism, a whole religion I've never heard of, described in astonishing detail at the Tarvu.com website. I had thought that the Church of the SubGenius and the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster were the most exciting new religions happening today, but Tarvuism covers some territory that I hadn't realized I was missing. Plus It's SO easy to join!

The belief system seems wholesome enough on the face of it:

  • Tarvu is our Lord God
  • There are two universes
  • The Tarvunty is the Holy Book
  • We should all “be nice”
  • Men and women are equal (to each other)
  • Tarvu's Prayer should be said every day
  • Octopuses are holy creatures
  • Everyone has an invisible guardian from Universe A.
And I gotta love the names of the books of the Tarvunty: Beginnings, Questions, Narratives, Lucky Numbers, Paradoxes, Ablutions, Recipes, Fools ...

1 comment:

Carl S said...

Great to find out about new spiritual pathways... And it *is* SO *easy* to join!